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A poster for first idea!

Amor aeternus

Amor aeternus” – Love forever in latin  


Follows the life of Alex, a 24 year old who’s shy and introverted. The only woman in his life, is the one who he lives with: His mother. His mother is kind and caring and dreams of the day Alex will find the woman of his dreams and be happy. Which on the day of her death, Alex meets this woman.

As Alex say’s his goodbye to his mother, he say’s hello to the girl of his dreams.

Her name is Alexia.

They where both born in this hospital

They where Both born at the same time, and the same day.

And meet again on the day of there birth.


The story continues to follow the development of Alex’s relationship with the girl he meet in the hospital (Alexia) And watch destiny unfold as they bump into each other at same times, and places giving both the sense of Déjà vu.


Amor aeternus ‘

 is the story of a girl and boy born on the same day, at the same time, in the same hospital, whose paths cross again years later, in the very same place. The film will explore the idea that your destiny is pre-determined and that what may seem like a random series of events is in fact a sequence that leads inexorably to someone you where always meant to find.


I envisioned the visual style, to be slightly over exposed yet dark and gritty at times through out, to show the development of Alex’s emotions. One of the key visual elements which will drive the story will be imitating the style of ‘time code’ In the way there was a four way split screen montage, showing Alex and alexia being born and growing up through out the years.


The aural (audio) Style will help develop the plot with dialog, sound design and score. Although the film is a drama, and the plot will revolve and develop mostly from dialog, during the “time code” esque split screen, a soundtrack will become a quicker pace as they get older.


As before the film’s introduction of the two children growing up is defiantly influenced by the four way split screen in the film ‘time code’. I believe if I had the two children growing up near by each other, and letting the audience see the two children almost meet in the middle of the split, throughout the years, it will create tension and involvement.  Another film which helped me developed the idea of the introduction for the film was ‘It Felt Like a Kiss’ which consists of a montage of old film footage. I’d love to incorporate this montage feel to the split screen. 

Poster for second idea

30c wash

30c Wash (Non-fiction/ Documentary)            


It will be a short reflexive documentary revolving around the  inhabitants of a launderette. The film will monitor the progressive moments of personal insight through the launderettes array of compelling and provocative characters, whose presence transform a seemingly desolate space into one of engaging beauty and significance.

Is a captivating and voyeuristic exploration of observing human nature in a fly on the wall esque theme in the laundrettes.  An almost personal place where you wash your dirty belongings in an anti-personal public place.  I plan filming through out the weekend, Sat observing, giving only small talk when prompted.


From research from the film ‘lift’ Marc Isaacs

had no idea how the residents would react and what they would reveal of their lives. He simply set himself up in the lift with his camera and waited for the right moment to ask questions. The result is both humorous and moving.  With ‘Lift’ as a direct influence on this film, I want to take the same approach as Isaacs and spend an hour shooting the ascetics and then sit, and watch strangers wash there laundry and try and capture the ‘right’ moment.


For the visual style, I want to rely completely on the natural and tube florescent tube lighting within the laundrette to give it a nice warm colours in the way, and cold dark colours at night, giving two oppositions through out the film.  A lot of the film will be handheld or locked off depending the situation with people around.

The aural (audio) Style will consist of ambient/ Collected sounds with a slow soundscaped score. With such a small room, it will be easy to collect sounds such as the whirring and churning of the washing machines to blur into the background to help create the atmosphere.

http://soundcloud.com/xseasickx/cosmonaut - CLICK LINK TO HEAR SONG

I decided to go ahead and create a small song that might go along with the slow dark visuals.

Poster for third idea!

“A travelling man’s road to awe”

In a man’s last seconds of consciousness, a dying man experiences a vivid fever dream about his life. The story of his life focuses on the intense relationship he shared with the last woman he loved, who herself was killed in a car accident only six months prior. We experience his life through a variety of vignettes, some real and some imagined, as well as an encounter with the woman in what may possibly be more than just a hallucination..

  The visual’s will very much similar to eternal sunshine of a spotless mind, in the sense all the colours seem dreamy and washed out, yet vivid the next. The camera work will also be dream like: Floating handheld feel shots. An influence which would help drive the film would be a similar montage of family photos, a little like ‘It felt like a kiss’ in which is quick montages of news footage.



I developed this idea from personal experiences, in which when I’m ill, I have strange vivid dreams/ hallucinations, and often mistake the experience for real life. I began to watch films such as eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. Another film, which has influenced the film, would be “If….” (1968) due to the films strange nature of the film and quick turns and twists in the plot. I want the viewer to wonder where the film will take them next, whether it be on a beach or in his childhood home or just a change in emotions. Some of the scenes in the film are in black and white while most of the film is in color. The reason for this has nothing to do with art; they were short of money, and black and white was cheaper in those days. However id like to incorporate something similar in my film, to represent the changes in time, and era.  


The aural (audio) Style will very much be score based, relying on the audience to figure out the emotions of the characters situation. So the score will need to be strong to ensure the audience can feel the reactions to the different situations. I made a quick song, with some added waves for the start of the film to give the illation you on the beach with him.


 http://soundcloud.com/xseasickx/seasick CLICK LINK TO GO TO SONG

Here is the collection of film posters together, to give it a nice overall feel.


Seeing as for this module I created all this on a blog, I thought id write this evaluation a lot less formal, to conform with the rest of blog’s you find on tumblr.

First of all id like to comment on how much iv enjoyed this module, in which we watched a collaboration of iconic films, and then gave them in-depth evaluations afterwards, and then debated with rest of the class. I found this an enriching experience in which I could develop my opinions on certain films, as I heard a wide variety of different opinions on the films we watched. These opinion’s helped me developed idea’s and thought process which helped me create numerous film’s.


Although ‘It Felt Like a Kiss’ “IF…” And “Timecode” and “Lift’ Where my main influences towards these three particular films I created: The other films we watched with alex ( Our lecturer ) Also helped me develop my mind as a filmmaker. They defiantly helped me broaden my perception of what could be classed as a good film: For example ‘wisconsin Death Trip (1999)’ really did change my perception of how to make a documentary! All the footage was majority stock footage or recreated footage which is usually seen a ‘no-no’ in my eyes, due to it’s uncreative nature, but I found this film was interesting and clever enough to develop a very decent plot and character development’s which I very much enjoyed – So yeah, defiantly helped me develop and form ideas and move me towards becoming a more professional film maker.


However let’s not forget to mention the films which did help me develop my films idea’s:

“Lift”: Completely blew me out of the water, I loved the fact he had no idea how the residents would react and what they would reveal of their lives. He simply set himself up in the lift with his camera and waited for the right moment to ask questions. Although the film must have had a lot of planning, id love to create a film in which I could do a similar style of “people-watching” as this film. People naturally react in front of the camera, and that’s why cameramen avoid most people. However, in this style of guerrilla filmmaking they are after that person to camera interaction, and I personally love it. Especially if you find a gripping personal story in amongst the random happenings. So this film style influenced me to want to create a “fly-on-the-wall” feel documentary: my film 30c wash.



“It felt like a kiss”: Was one of the first documentary films I had seen that was compiled of bbc news footage, and still managed to have character development and a moving story through out. It was pretty much montage footage of the world! This gave me the idea of, what if a film camera filmed every moment of you life, and you could re watch all the footage just before you died. Which gave the idea for “A travelling man’s road to awe” as the film is about a man, who almost dies, and his life flash’s before his eyes. Id love to give it that “montage” of news footage feel. Flashing film clips of his life with his mum and wife ect. Yet still having character and plot development through what seems like random clips.


“Timecode”: Was yet again another film which surprised me with it’s techniques of story telling. Within this film, it manages to show the development of many characters, with one screen, cut up with 4 different parts. Pretty much a 4 way split screen. This technique really surprised me how well it worked. Giving me the idea of  Amor aeternus” which has two people growing up side by side each other but never meeting. A simple split screen would defiantly help add another dimension to the film.


Overall, I defiantly have developed my idea’s and general opinion on films. The lectures gave me the skill to debate about discuss my opinions on films, and watching films has given me three strong ideas for next year.